“Det är både personligt – vad gäller ork och ambition, vår värld och våra liv. Bitvis blir insikterna fasansfulla och mörka. Men helheten är så hoppfull med klarhet inför att som i Som andra år “ljuset väntar”. Det är ett diktat budskap, med musik. Det är om allas våra liv och att både agera och njuta.“

“It is both personal – when it comes to effort and ambition, our world and our lives. At times, the insights become horrific and dark. But as a whole it is so hopeful, seeing clearly that as in Som andra år light is awaiting (“ljuset väntar”). It is a poeticised message, with music. It is about all of our lives and asks us to both engage, and take pleasure.“ [our translation]

– Bronsson Månsson reviewing Det som blev in Jazz/Orkesterjournalen

Bio (eng)

With inspiration from jazz, pop and nordic folk music – KiRA 5 creates modern, genre crossing music focused on telling stories and expressing moods from the ever evolving rollercoaster of life; sometimes deadly serious, but sometimes with a dancing playfulness.

Started in Gothenburg in 2017, the quintet released it’s debut album Det som blev in late 2020. They are now working toward a second album, and are eager to bring their music on tour.

Bio (swe)

Med inspiration från jazz, pop och nordisk folkmusik skapar KiRA 5 modern, genreöverskridande musik med berättelser och känslor från livets vindlingar. Ibland tyngt av djupaste allvar, men ibland som en dansande lek.

Startad 2017 i Göteborg släppte kvintetten sin debutplatta Det som blev i slutet av 2020. De jobbar nu på sin andra skiva och är ivriga att komma ut på vägarna med sin musik.

Reviews & interviews

“Skutt och fotbyten, ofta i samma låt, stämningarna växlar. Kira 5 ställer sig liksom på olika ben samtidigt, vilket är både djärvt, ovanligt och en smula utmanande för oss lyssnare.”

“Jumps and turnarounds, often within the same song, the moods are changing. In a way, Kira 5 puts their weight simultaneously in different places, which is both daring, unusual and slightly provocative for us listeners.” [our translation]

– Leif Carlsson reviewing Det som blev in Lira


Maria Eriksson Andin vocals
Vocalist, bassist and composer from Borås, Sweden. She can often be seen playing the bass and singing together with Senegalese singer-songwriter Bamba Fall. Outside of Sweden, she has also played concerts in Norway and Denmark.

Rikard Wadman tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Wood wind musician and composer from Västerås, Sweden. Also seen in septet Olimpias Orkan, big band Göteborg Big Group as well as the woodwind-and-vocals sextet FYR. Outside Sweden he has played with different constellations in Norway, Denmark and India.

Hanna Björner Brauer piano
Pianist, vocalist and composer from Lödöse, Sweden. Having her roots in classical piano and jazz vocals, she has swapped the genres between the instruments and now holds a position among the altos in the renowned choir Härlanda Kammarkör. She is also the highest educated member of the band, working on a doctorate in Environmental Science.

Nils Kristensson double bass
Bassist and composer from Lilla Edet, Sweden. With his liberating playfullness, he has quickly become an integral part of the jazz scene of Gothenburg, appearing in acts such as Mappe3, JURA and Mosaic. Mainly active in the Gothenburg area, he has also performed in Norway, Finland and Germany.

Chris Martinsson drums
Drummer from Jämjö, Sweden. Starting his musical career as a punk rock drummer, he has spent the last decade diving deep into the mysteries of jazz rhythm. Still staying true to his roots he can sometimes be seen with successful punk rock group Allvaret, when he is not playing with JURA, Victor Rydström Quartet, Melodius Tonk or Mölnlycke Storband. Over the years drumming has taken him to Norway, Germany and the US.